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Organization for Planning and Environmental Protection of Thessaloniki
23/07/2007 - 23/10/2009

The objective of the study was to update the current Regulatory Plan of Thessaloniki. The Plan was drawn under the principle of sustainable development in accordance with the current scientific standards, the current situation and the new spatial, economic and social conditions. The Plan included the evaluation of the current Regulatory Plan of Thessaloniki (approved in 1985), the assessment of development, spatial and environmental status and of the future perspectives, the setting of general goals and alternative strategies to organize the space and also the proposal to redefine the delineation of the Thessaloniki Metropolitan Area. The final strategy was further specialized through additional special goals, policies, measures and indicators. Moreover, a framework for implementing the Regulatory Plan was formed with a focus on administration-management.

626.028,10 euro
Area of Study:
Central Macedonia, Greece