Service quality

Schediasmos applies a Quality Management System for the following scope:

Studies, Consultancy, Management Services, Research Services and Project Management in the fields of Surveying, Urban Planning, Regional Planning, Urban Design, Spatial Planning, Cadastral Surveying, Water, Environment, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, Geographic Information Systems, Geoinformatics. Digitization and scanning of documents, maps and diagrams as well as Production and Supply of Cartographic Data. Management of Support and Information Systems of all the fields above.

The Board of Schediasmos is committed:

to control and always improve the services throughout the project lifecycle,
to monitor at all times the satisfaction and complaints of customers,
to ensure the adequacy of its equipment and workplace,
to constantly train its staff in order to keep their knowledge up to date and to ensure the participation and cooperation among employees,
to be informed about national and international conditions,
to select partners and collaborators under strict criteria,
to ensure the proper functioning of the quality management system and the annual review and improvement, ensuring the technical coverage and completeness of all services provided.


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