Urban and Regional Planning

Schediasmos is the most experienced and specialized Greek urban planning company. Our effort to design human settlements started in Thessaloniki, Greece 30 years ago. We have always been trying to plan sustainable settlements regardless of the size, the population and the geographic position. The firm has conducted a very large number of Urban Plans, Master Plans, Regional Plans, Land use Plans, Urban Regeneration Plans, Town Plans and Regulatory Plans.  Regardless of whether the project involved a region or a city block, the target has always been to improve the quality of life and the human well-being. The Urban and Regional Planning services that the firm provides are:

  • Comprehensive Plans
  • Spatial Plans
  • Local Spatial Plans
  • Marine Spatial Plans
  • Structure Plans
  • Regulatory Plans
  • Town Plans
  • Strategic Plans
  • General Urban Plans, Master Plans
  • Detailed Urban Plans
  • Layout Plans
  • Implementation Act Studies
  • Land Use Plans
  • Urban Regeneration Plans
  • City Branding Projects
  • Site Analysis Plans
  • Greek Urban Planning System Studies and Analysis


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